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btg cashback

BTG Cashback is a Cash Back Rewards Program from Bids That Give to give you anywhere from 3-40% cash back on retail purchases.  Just about every Fortune 500 Retailer is a part of this Cash Back Rewards Program. 

There are currently approximately 5,000 merchants and retailers including Target, Walmart, Home Depot, Best Buy, etc. that are part of this incentive program to give you cash back rewards.  At the time of this post there are 300,000,000 products within the program, so in other words, anything you could possibly want is here for you to earn cash back every single time!

Here is an overview video I shot to give you an overall feel of BTG CashBack:

How Does BTG CashBack Work and What Does It Have To Do With Bids That Give Exactly?

BTG CashBack works by giving you anywhere from 1-40% cash back through their online website portal to online retail sites.  You simply visit the site and create a FREE account to keep track of your cash back rewards and manage all of your shopping in one place.  Once you are on the site, you just basically do a search for a particular product, or search the huge index of retailers to find what you are looking for.  Once you’ve found what you are looking for, whether a new patio from Home Depot, or a new laptop from Best Buy,  simply complete your purchase and you’ll have a cash back reward listed in your BTG CashBack account.  Effortless and simple, but most of all very rewarding.

BTG CashBack also includes an innovative shopping toolbar called the ‘Shopping Assistant’.  The Shopping Assistant sits at the top of your internet browser and alerts you to great deals and also primarily serves as a shopping tool where you can search a retailer or for a product anytime you feel like it and see the exclusive cash back rewards they are offering.  It’s literally shopping assistance at your fingertips.

Here is a tutorial on how to install and use the BTG CashBack ‘Shopping Assistant’:

What Is So Beneficial About BTG CashBack – Why Would Anyone Use BTG CashBack?

Very simple.  Why would you not want cash back every single time you shop?  I know I sure do!  I also personally love online shopping instead of going into a store these days.  I could not think of anything better than shopping in the convenience of your home and getting cash back on every single purchase.

Here is another important point about BTG CashBack and what I feel is by far the most important.  Everything that Bids That Give does, whether it’s the Penny Auction, Trivia Game, BTG Mall, Getaways That Give, or BTG Cashback, portions of revenue generated go towards helping impoverished children all across the world.

You can view these charities right here (click the image to learn more):

bids that give charity programs helping children


Ready to Get Started Earning Cash Back on every purchase and help countless children across the word?  If so just click the image to get started:

btg cash back

To Your Success,

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