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BTG 180 Bids That Give Canada

BTG 180 Bids That Give Canada Founders Club

btg 180 bids that give canada

Are you a native of Canada and looking for a great business to truly make a difference and earn money every 24 hours?

If so then you have opportunity to become a part of the BTG Canada Founders Club and take part in one of the most revolutionary compensation programs on the planet, while helping impoverished children around the world.

BTG 180 (Bids That Give) has launched in Canada and will have you earning an amazing income all while helping our charities around the world rescue children in need who need food, water, & shelter to survive.

We are looking for amazing people from Canada who want to change their lives financially and change the lives of countless children at the same time.

What is the BTG 180 Bids That Give Canada Founders Club

The BTG 180 Canada Founders Club is the founding opportunity in the country of Canada to be a part of our company wide mission. BTG 180 (Bids That Give) has amazing programs to have anyone building an amazing income very quickly. Let’s look closer at how our businesses work and more importantly how you can earn with each of these revenue streams:

1. BTG Penny Auction

Penny Auctions are one of the hottest industries online, and allows a win-win-win for everyone involved, especially for consumers who win products for usually around 97% off. They are insanely addictive and fun, I myself won 3 items the first time I participated and I must say it was a thrill and received some unbelievable deals.

bids that give penny auction


In addition to the Penny Auction segment of Bids That Give, the company implements additional revenue streams such as:


2. Trivia That Gives

trivia that gives - bids that give

Trivia That Gives is an exciting new Revenue Stream where you invite others to play Trivia to earn points that convert to real cash! This has just launched and is an amazing new opportunity in itself that allows everyone to have fun and prove just how smart they are – all while earning at the same time.


3. GetAways That Give

getaways that give - bids that give

Bids That Give has launched the Getaways That Give Travel Club as a benefit for the Bid Ambassadors Club! You can now enjoy the world of exciting travel club vacations with exclusive members only pricing for cruises, hotels, condos, flights, and fabulous travel packages for all your US and international traveling needs.


4. Bids That Give Mall

bids that give mall

Affiliates earn commissions in their own Online Shopping Mall with stores like Health/Nutrition, Beauty Products, Weight Loss, Telecom, Go Green, Gourmet Foods, and much much more!


5. Bids That Give Cash Back

bids that give cashback

If your gonna shop, might as well get cash back everytime you do! Bids That Give has an amazing Cash Back Program where you can earn anywhere from 1-40% cash back on more than 300,000,000 products from more than 5,000 leading merchants. Please click the image to learn more about this amazing incentive, here are just a few of the retailers included in the Bids That Give Cash Back Program:

bids that give cash back stores

These additional Revenue Streams are creating even more daily profits for the company and that is good news for both affiliates promoting the company and kids around the world who are in need.

How Do I Signup for The BTG 180 (Bids That Give) Canada Founders Club?

Signing up is very easy, just click on this button to signup:

BTG 180 bids that give join


Once I receive the notification that you’ve signed up, I will be sending you a Welcome Email to welcome you into our overall team and access to a private training site where I teach you step by step on how to maximize your income with BTG 180 (Bids That Give)!


Let’s Help These Kids,
 bids that give james matthews


James Matthews
BTG 180 bids that give join






Trivia That Gives – What It Is & How It Works!

Trivia That Gives – What It Is & How It Works!

Trivia That Gives is an amazing business in itself set forth by Bids That Give that allows anyone anywhere to log on to the Trivia That Gives website and answer Trivia questions for REAL money!  In this post I’m going to help you understand just what Trivia That Gives is, how it works, and how you can earn REAL money just by logging in each day and answering questions.  If you love Trivia, might as well get paid to do it ;)

The basics of Trivia That Gives revolves around 4 main categories in Entertainment, History, Science, & Sports.  When you pick a category you are given a time limit to answer each question in a multiple choice format.  Each question is timed and if you answer the question correctly you win credits based on the difficulty of the question.  Keep repeating this process to really increase your credits and your earnings.

Watch This Video First To Gain an Understanding of Just How Trivia That Gives Works:

Can You Really Earn Money By Playing Trivia That Gives?

Yes, absolutely.  Whenever you answer a question correctly on Trivia That Gives, each correct answer is worth a certain amount of credits.  The credits earned can be anywhere from 120 credits to 400+ depending on the difficulty of the question.  If you play alot and answer the harder questions correctly, you can really score alot of credits in one day.  Very fun and very educational.  Highly recommended for fun with friends or for kids wanting to increase their knowledge of History & Science.  My niece loves the game and helps me answer questions each day.  Great fun for the whole family, if a 14 year old with an attention span as short as hers loves it, then you most definitely will! 

trivia that gives - bids that give

Once you get your credits to a certain amount that are equivalent to $25, you can transfer this right to your bank account!  I suggest just getting on for 10-15 minutes a day and building up your credits right away to make money.  If your skeptical, then stop reading this and go play and see for yourself ;)

Also if you really want to ramp up your earnings with Trivia That Gives, just share the game with your friends on facebook or introduce it to as many people as you can, when they create an account (free) and play, this bumps up your earnings as well!  Just think of all the doctors offices, sports bars, etc. that would love to hear about this.  I hope your getting the idea of just how amazing this game can be.

What Is The Real Agenda With Trivia That Gives?

The real agenda behind Trivia That Gives, like all programs within Bids That Give, is to help children throughout the world.  You’ll notice on the site you’ll see advertising from really big companies that are using the Trivia That Gives site to advertise their products and services.  This advertising revenue assists with the company profit’s to assist with the company’s charity programs.  These charities prepare meals, build orphanages, wells, and do whatever possible to help impoverished children all across the world.  That’s the real agenda behind anything Bids That Give does.

This reason is the #1 Reason why I am PROUD to be a part of this company, just go start playing Trivia already!


To YOUR Success,

 bids that give james matthews


James Matthews